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    Selecting the Right Window Treatments

    007-living_room-3417566-mediumAre you paralyzed by possibilities when it comes to covering your windows? There are thousands of options to choose from… blinds, shutters, shades, curtains of various fabrics/lengths and more – this post aims to help you determine the best fit for your needs among the myriad of options.

    Determine Your Budget – The price of window coverings can vary widely depending on window size, materials, and manufacturing (custom or off the shelf). We recommend taking inventory and prioritizing by room and window as you evaluate your options.

    Consider Functional Needs – Do you want your window treatments to minimize or eliminate light? Buffer cold or noise? Create privacy? Enhance a beautiful view? For example, you may prefer to eliminate light in a media room and enhance natural light in common areas. You will also want to consider use and durability needs – i.e. do you need washable materials for a kitchen or high traffic areas, etc… or do you need adjustment capability for temperature regulation (manual, motorized, etc…).011-dining_room-3203368-medium

    Find Your Style – Window treatments today come in a wide variety of materials (fabric, wood, vinyl, faux wood and more), colors and styles. We recommend looking at your décor and your preferences once you’ve determined your functional needs. You will also want to consider mounting style as it relates to your needs. For example, do you prefer for blinds or shades to be installed inside or outside the window casing?

    Measure Twice – Consider mounting options for curtains and measure twice to ensure you make the right investment. For example, if you want to create height in a room where you also want to maximize natural light, you will likely mount the curtains above the frame and wider than the frame – this will determine hardware requirements and curtain length – both can add $$ to a window treatment.022-family_room-3417466-small

    Choose Custom or Off the Shelf – Decide if you prefer to have custom window coverings made to fit your windows or if you prefer an off the shelf solution. Many companies will provide free consultations – if you need a recommendation just give us a call, your RE/MAX Capital City agent can help!

    Of course if you are considering selling or renting your property within 5 years or less, you’ll want to invest in window treatments that increase resale value and have more mass appeal. If you would like a professional opinion, contact your favorite agent through the “Agent” link on this site.

    Contributor: Brianna Hodge, RE/MAX Capital City

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    • Kyle Winters

      Written on

      The article makes an excellent point by reminding readers to measure twice before buying your window curtains. This can be especially important if you’re buying custom curtains. After all, store-bought curtains can be returned and exchanged, but if custom curtains are too short or too long then they’ll have to be remade from scratch.


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