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    How to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

    The holiday season is upon us – Get ready for the holidays with these tips:


    The holidays and guests inevitably brings in more items to your home – gifts, packages, suitcases, etc. The first step to combat this is declutter before your guests arrive! Start by going through your home, room by room, and divide items into three piles: Keep, Trash & Donate.

    Prepare Guest Rooms

    Stock your guest rooms and guest bathrooms with all the comforts they may have forgotten to help make them feel at home. Spare toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner are great additions to the bathroom. In the bedroom, be sure to post your Wi-Fi password and put up some of your guest’s favorite flowers or their favorite candle.

    Free Guest Wi-Fi Printables from The Happier Homemaker

    Consider Your Guests When Decorating

    Do you have guests bring a toddler? Or a pet? If so, consider not putting up a tree or sentimental & heirloom ornaments.

    Prepare Your Home if Going Out of Town

    • Set your lights on timers – make it look like someone is home!
    • Be careful with status updates on social media
    • Let your security or alarm service know you will be out
    • Stop newspapers and mail
    • Don’t leave a spare key outside
    • Lock the garage

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