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    Many people and families are not comfortable with where they live and the financial direction they’re heading. They feel like they’re working hard, yet they have little free time and no margin in their life.

    Kent helps people ask better questions to gain clarity around finances, lifestyle, and retirement. By providing leadership, relationship, and creativity his clients gain a sense of direction, confidence, and excitement about their future.

    When relocating is the best solution, Kent and his team help families make fewer mistakes, enjoy the journey, and thrive sooner.

    Mr. Kopen holds an MBA in real estate and finance. His tenure at Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley gave him the framework to help people make wise financial decisions. And his two decades of experience as a Certified Liability Advisor helps him teach homeowners and professionals how real estate can and should play a key role in building wealth.

    Kent teaches the important distinction that a house is a physical structure, with financial ramifications, while home is an emotional experience. Real estate done right is about both houses and homes; it involves the head and the heart.

    Kent co-authored the book, Borrow Smart Retire Rich, and he’s a frequently-featured writer on real estate finance. Kent is happily married to Nicole Kopen. He enjoys anything to do with his two kids, working out, reading, and attending church.

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    Kent Kopen
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